Why It Matters Part 2

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Why do you do what you do? How often have we asked ourselves that question, only to answer, “I want to advance my career” or “I want to provide for my family.” While those are important external factors that drive what you do, they are only a small piece of what motivates us. Finding your internal motivators provides the inspiration for what you do, and sometimes reveals barriers to your success. This all begins with finding out your Why It Matters.

My Why It Matters had such a profound impact on my life that I co-authored a book about it. Why It Matters helps you reflect on your deepest motives and determine what drives you — simply stated, it is a distilled phrase that represents you. It helps answer the question, “Why do I do what I do?” For me, it is to prove my worth.

Every new attempt to prove my worth comes with excitement, and fear. But luckily, that fear is overcome by support when I reflect to see how my Why It Matters is playing out. My Why It Matters is both my superpower and my kryptonite. Your Why It Matters is YOUR superpower and kryptonite too!

Here are 6 Benefits of Knowing Your Why It Matters:

  1. Helps you choose things in which you will be successful
  2. Gives you a vantage point from which can be self-aware
  3. Allows you to explain yourself and create better relationships
  4. Helps you step away from potential conflicts
  5. Guides your choices when deciding on a behavior to use
  6. Brings understanding to your blind spots

To better understand this concept, let’s take a look at some Why It Matters examples.

I recently coached a sales EVP and her Why It Matters was To Save. She told me that finding her Why It Matters has been life changing for her. Her old way of operating was to ‘fly in’ and save anyone she came in contact with. This behavior drained her and took up a lot of her time.

At times, ‘to save’ can be a beautiful thing (superpower), however when used at the wrong times, it can be burdensome (kryptonite).

After discovering her Why It Matters she was able to let others grow, and to not get involved in unnecessary things. She was able to focus on the strategic rather than the tactical. She viewed ‘To Save’ from a different lens and had to redefine what ‘To Save’ looked like for her as her superpower and not her kryptonite.

By finding her Why It Matters, she said that it has taken a lot of weight off her shoulders, and that it was time well invested in herself to find this truth.

She was able to apply the 6 benefits of knowing your Why It Matters to her life and it provided extreme clarity for moving forward.

Is finding your Why It Matters a disruptive process? YES! But I believe that daring to find your Why It Matters is a journey that leads to your ultimate personal satisfaction. Your won’t regret it!

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