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Disrupt Yourself

Author, Speaker, and Harvard Business Review blogger Whitney Johnson just published a new book.  Hop on over to her site to read about Disrupt Yourself.  Disrupt Yourself is a must read for anyone who wants to achieve personal growth.  Applying Whitney’s lessons of disruptive innovation will dramatically increase your creativity, productivity, and happiness.

AND, while you are there check out my Why It Matters blog.  I had the privilege of meeting Whitney at a Next Generation Government Summit.  Whitney was one of the keynote speakers and I was doing “speed coaching” with folks.

That day, I took the leap and “disrupted myself” to take the opportunity to meet Whitney. We were able to connect and she asked me to be a guest blogger on her site.

What a great honor and experience it was working with Whitney.

She has also written another book titled, Dare, Dream, Do, Remarkable Things Happen when you Dare to Dream.  

Are you dreaming and reaching your fullest potential, or are you allowing  the chaos of everyday life to distance yourself from those goals?

What’s it going to take to step out into action today to get you one step closer to your dreams?

Jenn Chloupek | My Why It Matters



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