Goal Setting Yeah or Nay!?

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Well, we are over two weeks into January.  It is time to stop and ask ourselves some questions.  Are the goals that we set still the goals we want to achieve?  What actions are we taking towards those goals? AND, if we are being completely honest, have we already falling of our path of trajectory towards meeting and accomplishing those goals.

I find that setting goals and more often, achieving goals, can be a daunting task for the average goal setter.  Starting fresh is a great feeling, and after that feeling dissipates, most often our drive and determination towards meeting those goals do too.  We have to then ask ourselves the question: Do we have what it takes, that deep down drive to continue towards are goals even when the feeling has left?

Are you the type of person that creates ‘bucket areas’ for your goals to fall under? For example, finances, health, professional development, spiritual, physical, etc?  Or are you the type of person that haphazardly makes a list and hopes that they are achieved by the following year? Or are you the person that focuses on just one word for the year which has become a popular thing to do? Or do you just through your hands up in the air and refuse to set goals?

I would like to invite you to ponder this alternative approach to setting goals.  As an executive coach, I would like to start off first by asking you two very important questions.

  1. Who do you want to be?  I am not looking for **insert celebrity name here**, I am looking for an honest answer after some time of reflection to define ‘who on the inside do you want to be’?
  2. After you have figured out the ‘who you want to become’, the next question is:What do you have to do to get there.  That is where we start to look at goals!!

How do you know if the things you are doing (goals) will lead you to who you want to be (the ultimate goal).

Once you have identified the Who and the What, there are two more steps to take:

  1. Creating your personal mission statement.  Your personal mission statement can be equated to your legacy.  I good way, but morbid way of thinking of this is: ‘When you die, what do you want to be known for’.  In terms of present tense, less morbid. 🙂 ‘When you walk into and out of a room, what do you want to be known for’.  What are you doing today that leads you one step closer to your personal mission statement.
  2. Write down your personal values.  Your personal values can be used as guardrails.  They can help you define your goals and what is important to you.  Knowing your values will help with setting goals, and will tie back into the Who do you want to become and your personal mission statement.  This would be how people would ‘describe you at your funeral’.  What words would they say? – competitive, driven, family oriented, spiritual, accomplished, adventurous, risk-taker, etc.  What words do you want them to say?  Are you living those words?

Now you are ready to tie it altogether.

  • Define for yourself ‘who do you want to become’
  • What do you need to do to get there
  • Write your personal mission statement
  • Define your values

Once the above is complete you can now set your goals for the year based on an outcome you are desiring.  Goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time bound.

Happy goal setting!



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