A sampling of some of Jenn’s Keynotes and Workshops.  Contact Jenn directly for more topics. 

Discovering Your ‘Why It Matters’

Why do you do what you do? How often have we asked ourselves that question, only to answer, “I want to advance my career” or “I want to provide for my family.” While those are important external factors that drive what you do, they are only a small piece of what motivates us. Finding your internal motivators provides the inspiration for what you do, and sometimes presents barriers to your success. This all begins with finding out your “Why It Matters.”

This workshop will provide participants with an experiential activity that is proven to help discover their personal Why It Matters.  Knowing this information will help participants begin to explore how they think, react and conduct themselves both personally and professionally.  Ultimately knowing your Why It Matters will lead to a positive impact on business.

Addressing and Resolving Conflict

Do you want to create an environment where everyone wins?  Would you like to resolve work conflict in a way that is respectful to all parties?  Learn and apply a specific win-win process for addressing conflict in a productive, non-threatening manner.  Effective conflict resolution results in the identification of win/win solutions; creates a deeper level of understanding between the parties; and enhances the workplace environment and employee morale.

Being an Authentic Leader

In this session, you will have the opportunity to explore leadership and where you stand as a leader. This workshop helps participants understand qualities of a leader, strategies for the art of influencing others, and the importance of emotional intelligence to leadership. Participants will have an opportunity to develop their own action plan for becoming the type of leaders that others want to follow.

Building Your Brand

We all have a personal brand—that word that comes to mind when your name comes up in conversation. This course helps participants identify strategies to take control of their brand, and to ensure their brand is a positive one that serves them. Through individual and group exercises, participants will learn about the effects of actions, relationships, and image on their brand.

Communicating Expectations

Are your expectations consistently met?  Do you ever leave a meeting wondering “what is expected of me”?  When your expectations are not met the buck stops with you.  This training teaches a very specific, simple, straightforward process for communicating expectations that can be used for setting, and understanding, expectations.  The process can be used to manage up, manage your peers and manage yourself.

Courageous Followership

A leader cannot lead without followers.  In this interactive and provocative workshop participants learn about the leader/follower dynamic and identify their specific followership style.  In addition, the five dimensions of courageous followership are explored and strategies to build capacity in those five dimensions are discussed.

Crucial Conversations: Tools for talking when stakes are high

When stakes are high, opinions vary and emotions start to run strong, we find ourselves in a crucial conversations. In these moments when it matters most, we often do our worst.  The consequence of either avoiding or fouling up crucial conversations can be severe and can influence virtually every domain of our lives. What do people who sail through crucial conversations actually do? More importantly can we do it too?

Effective Meetings

What is an “effective” meeting?  Effective meetings don’t just happen.  They require effort on the part of both the leader and participants.  Everyone who is a part of the meeting is responsible for its effectiveness.  This session delineates the characteristics of an effective meeting and provides guidance for both leaders and meeting participants as to what they can do at all stages of the meeting cycle (pre-, during, and post-) to ensure meeting success.


Embracing Change and Navigating Transitions

Anymore, we seem to be in a permanent state of flux. Do you want to become more adept at handling this flux? Building upon William Bridges’ Transition theory, this workshop helps participants differentiate between change and transition and identify strategies to manage change/transition in a proactive, productive manner and move from the chaos of the neutral zone to the excitement of the beginnings zone.

Untangling Wires:  Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively

This workshop focuses on the art of giving and receiving feedback.  Participants learn a specific model to give effective, actionable feedback the receiver can use.  Receiving feedback well is a skill that can be developed and participants learn the essential skills to do so.  Lastly, participants learn how to keep the feedback conversation on track.