Are you ready to connect with yourself, with new knowledge and with people?  Many leaders and executives have gotten to their position based on their strengths and technical skills which is great, however it is usually a behavioral weakness that keeps leaders from reaching their next level.  The Sherpa Executive Coaching  process will help drill down career limiting behaviors.

Jenn is one of 10 Master Certified Sherpa Coaches Worldwide.  She received her certification from the University of Georgia where she now teaches and certifies others to become Sherpa Executive Coaches.

Jenn was an internal coach for the National Cancer Institute.  She currently coaches Fortune 500 clients globally.  Her clients have included senior level executives to line managers from diverse organizations and backgrounds.

As a Master Certified Sherpa Coach, Jenn will walk you through the Sherpa coaching process as you make the climb to your personal leadership summit.

Below outlines the 6 phases in the Sherpa Coaching Process:

Phase One of Six: Taking Stock

Phase One: Taking Stock, allows the client to understand themselves. Self-Discovery takes the client through a series of evaluations. The Discovery Shield reveals their strengths, weaknesses, gifts and their own motivation: ‘Why it matters’. The coach will also have the client complete a personal inventory. What does the client’s work environment look like? How do they perform? What needs to change? The Sherpa and the client reach agreement on what constitutes truth.

Phase Two of Six: Global View

Phase Two: Global View takes a detailed look at the world around the client. This is a study of the client’s “human environment”. We’ll look at the internal and environmental factors that support their identity. We’ll also ask who their true supporters are. Who can they really count on?  Global View involves a reality check dealing with perceptions: How does the client think people view them? What do people really think about them? This involves research, reality and reconciliation.

Phase Three of Six: Destination

Phase Three is where choices are made. We will decide upon one of ten paths that will determine how we reach the Summit. Those paths are areas for improvement and development that meet the client’s needs.

The Sherpa Process directs each client to one of ten well-defined paths, and to the use of appropriate tools, exercise and training along each path.

• Problem solving
• Communication
• Listening
• Non-productive behavior
• Creating Enthusiasm add content here

• Leadership
• Decision making
• Time Management
• Image and Presence
• Personal Visionadd content here

Phase Four of Six: Charting the Course

This is where the hard work takes place. In Phase Four, Charting the Course, we focus on what has to change in your client’s business behavior. How do we make necessary changes? What goals are you going to work on?

Drills, training, and homework: the client’s journal includes everything needed to guide them to the top. Every client has unique needs, and will have their own personal summit. The process always remains the same.

Phase Five of Six: Agenda

Each client’s commitment to change is solidified here, as we set a course for life beyond coaching. In Phase Five, Agenda, the client figures out what needs to happen for the action plan to become reality. Does the client have the right attitude? The most important factor is personal accountability for tasks and relationships and exploring the behaviors behind not being accountable.  Is the client accountable for the changes they are working on?

Phase Six of Six: The Summit

It’s celebration time. You are at the Summit.

Here’s where changes are monitored and documented. Habits are formed. New connections and supports are established. It’s time to make sure your work has resulted in a sustainable change that has a positive impact on business.

The Summit: The client has reached his goal; they have attained a new comfort zone, at the top of their mountain. Standing on the Summit, it’s time to celebrate.

As you reach your own personal summit, Jenn will always guide you to what will have the biggest Impact On Your Business


Please contact Jenn to explore how she can help you accomplish your professional goals through executive coaching, for you and/or your key people.